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We have a highly advanced neuroscience centre, with facilities open on a 24x7 basis focusing on Neuro emergency and Trauma care. We offer one roof neuro care for Neuro Diagnostics, advanced neuro-surgery, Neuro Rehab, and Stroke Management, making us the best neurology hospital in Kolkata. We possess a multi-disciplinary team of some of the best neurologists in Kolkata, world class neurosurgeons, highly trained technicians, who are supported by the latest equipment and technology. Our neurology team emphasizes on providing accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment to all our patients.

The Institute of Brain and Spine in AMRI Dhakuria and Mukundapur provides a comprehensive neuro-surgery facility for neuro trauma management. AMRI Mukundapur has a trained rehab team under supervision & guidance of neuro rehab specialists. The entire spectrum of neuro rehab includes physical therapy, speech & swallow therapy & occupational therapy which help optimize recovery process after a stroke or any neurological disability. The Neuroscience department in Bhubaneswar boasts of high-end technology & eminent faculty in field of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuro Anaesthesia, Neurophysiology, Neuro Psychology and Interventional Neurology along with Neuro rehabilitation.


  • Brain Tumour Surgery
  • Epileptic Surgery
  • Surgery of Brain Aneurysm
  • AVM Surgery
  • Awake Brain Surgery


  • Pneumatic & Electrical Drill Systems
  • Operating Microscope of Carl Zeiss
  • CUSA - Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator
  • Image Intensifier
  • Stereotactic Frame
  • IGRT with SRS & SRT

Over the years, AMRI has become the most preferred option for neurology treatment. The combo of latest equipment &technologies and world class neurologists and neurosurgeons have ensured that AMRI is always at the forefront of value based prompt care.We offer a wide range of neurology services.

Latest Neuro Surgical Procedures

Brain tumour surgery with neuro navigation

  • Micro surgery for spinal tumour
  • Minimally invasive disc surgery
  • Head & spinal injury services
  • Neuro endoscopy & pituitary surgery
  • Micro vascular surgery for AVM & Brain Aneurysm

Neuro Diagnostics

24x7 1.5 Tesla Ambient MRI

  • 70cm bore for comfort
  • Premium digital imaging
  • Reduced noise
  • In gantry entertainment

24x7 128 Slice CT Scan

  • Gem stone imaging
  • Single pass cerebral DSA
  • 60% less radiation
  • 230-micron resolution


  • Electroencephalogram (EEG), electro myelogram (EMG), Nerve conduction velocity test (NCV), Evoked Potentials (EP), Video EEG, Transcranial Doppler (TCD)

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