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The department at AMRI Salt Lake was initially set up with the primary objective of being able to cater to the basic and routine needs of a super-specialty hospital. Over the years it has developed into one of the best hospitals for ophthalmology in the country. The new department at the annex–I building of AMRI Salt Lake provides all the world-class facilities like:

  • Routine eye check-ups
  • A complete medical retina clinic with angiography and lasers
  • A hi-tech glaucoma clinic with Applanation tonometry, perimetry, and 90 D examination
  • A complete end to end solution for cataract treatment
  • A one-stop surgical retina treatment center

AMRI Salt Lake is widely regarded as one of the most advanced eye-treatment centers in Eastern India. The department in this unit boasts of:

  • A Topcon digital fluorescein angiography (latest TRC 50Dx) to deliver crisp clear images of the retina via the Image net (patented) software, imported from Japan
  • A Humphrey auto perimeter which has become the gold standard in diagnosis and follow-up of glaucoma, from Carl Zeiss, a world leader in this technology.
  • A blue-green laser from Ellex corp, Australia complete with an indirect ophthalmoscope delivery system (first of its kind in eastern India) for highly accurate and effective retinal photocoagulation
  • A sonomed biometry machine that gives quick and highly accurate acquisition of data for lens power calculation in cataract surgery
  • The Moller Wedel microscope, imported from Germany is one of a kind in the industry, with no contemporaries in the stereo base setup.
  • A dedicated Fabius Anaesthesia machine capable of handling long-duration surgeries in, backed by the best monitors and lifesaving equipment.

Quality Services

AMRI has always been committed to provide the highest quality of eye care. Over the years, state of the art equipment and the best of doctors have helped us in establishing our institution as the leading hospital for Ophthalmology not just in Kolkata, but in Eastern India. Our objective has always been to provide the best diagnosis and treatment of all complex problems across our different units.

The Eye department at AMRI Mukundapur functions with facilities for retina check-up, Glaucoma check-up besides vision screening and refractions. It is equipped with Auto refractometer, a High-Tec slit lamp with Haag-streit Applanation tonometer, indirect and direct ophthalmoscopes and various diagnostics lenses. A few facilities at this unit include routine eye check-ups, complete solution for cataract treatment and a surgical retina treatment centre.

The Bhubaneswar unit is another renowned hospital for Ophthalmologythat provides comprehensive eye care and services for all eye and vision problems under one roof. We have exclusive clinics for Refractive error and contact lenses, Cataract, Glaucoma, Cornea, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Vitreo-Retina, Diabetic Retinopathy, ROP, ARMD, Oculoplasty, Ocular Oncology, Ocular trauma, Uveitis, Neuro-ophthalmology, Computer vision syndrome etc.

The Ophthalmology department at the Salt Lake unit houses some of the most advanced equipment and the best medical personnel that makes it a one stop centre for eye treatment and care. The unit is renowned to be the first hospital for ophthalmology in Eastern India to be equipped with state-of-the-art Oertli “Faros” phaco and posterior segment system. This equipment delivers the highest quality of surgical tissue handling that only a few can match, both for routine as well as complicated surgeries.

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