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#KidneyTransplant is a life-saving surgery that replaces a failing kidney with a healthy one from a donor. However, there are certain parameters to check before someone gets it done - one of which is the patient's #BloodGroup. It becomes easy when the patient and the donor's blood group matches. But today, with the advancement in #MedicalScience, kidney transplant is possible within different blood groups too!

By: Dr Sai Prasad Sahoo

Dr. Pradip Bhowmik, a Consultant Cardiologist, shares a personal story where Dr. Sohom Majumder & Dr. Kaushik Dutta of #AMRIHospitals, Dhakuria (Kolkata) played a vital role in helping his wife recover. A week back after giving birth to their baby via c-section (in a different private hospital), Mrs. Bhowmik suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on the labour table, where Dr. Bhowmik had to intervene and try CPR to revive her. Later she was rushed to #AMRI #Hospitals #Kolkata, where Dr. Majumder & Dr. Dutta brought her back to life.

By: Dr Pradip Bhowmik

With the advent of the new covid variant (XBB variant) detected in Hyderabad, people have started panicking again. However, Dr. Sayan Chakraborty, Consultant Infectious Diseases, #AMRIHospitals, Dhakuria (Kolkata), assures there is nothing to panic about; this phase can be easily tackled by following all the Govt. guidelines curated to increase preparedness.

By: Dr Sayan Chakraborty

Cancer is on the rise but what makes this disease less dreadful these days is the advancement in Medical Science. Treatments such as Immunotherapy & Targeted Therapy have helped increase the life expectancy of patients. Dr. Tanmoy Kumar Mandal, Consultant Medical Oncologist, #AMRIHospitals, Dhakuria (Kolkata), speaks a few words on how cancer patients from the surrounding states come to the hospital to seek medical help. Watch this video to get an insight about #AMRI #Hospitals Onco dept., which is currently one of the best in #Kolkata.

By: Dr.Tanmoy Kumar Mandal

The #Hematology department of #AMRIHospitals #Dhakuria (Kolkata) has completed 20 years of caring & curing both inpatients & outpatients. Its state-of-the-art facilities attract patients from all the bordering states & countries. Dr. Maitreyee Bhattacharya, Senior Consultant Hematologist (MD-MEDICINE, D.M. CLINICAL HEMATOLOGY AIIMS), #AMRI #Hospitals, Dhakuria has worked with this department for over 15 years now.

By: Dr Maitreyee Bhattacharya

#AMRIHospitals #Dhakuria (Kolkata) is the best in town when it comes to treating and caring for inpatients & outpatients who are suffering from bone or joint-related issues. Dr. Kanchan Bhattacharya, D.ORTHO, MNAMS (DNB), ORTHO, MS (ORTHO), HOD, ORTHOPAEDICS & JOINT REPLACEMENT, #AMRI #Hospitals, Dhakuria has described how our hospital stands out in terms of the faculties and facilities provided in the Orthopaedic Department.


Dr. Suranjan Mukherjee, Sr. Consultant, Pulmonology speaks about AMRI's comprehensive Asthma care service with a lab having fully-equipped pulmonary function tests, pulmonary rehabilitation facilities, and assessment of Asthma patients. AMRI has recently started the use of FENO. Patients' nitric oxide content in expired air is assessed through this process. As per international guidelines, FENO should be used for Asthma treatment. It can help classify patients into different feno-types or subgroups and thereby helps in treatment.

By: Dr Suranjan Mukherjee

Dr. Suranjan Mukherjee, Sr. Consultant, Pulmonology, AMRI Dhakuria emphasizes how AMRI's Department of Pulmonology provides comprehensive care to patients having chest problems. It covers all the subspecialties like Airways diseases, Vascular diseases, Lung cancer, and so on. For COPD & other airway diseases, AMRI provides a full pulmonary function test along with a 6-minute walk test. Pulmonary treatment at AMRI is advanced and innovative.

By: Dr Suranjan Mukherjee

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