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In this informative video, Dr. Biswajeet Mohapatra, a consultant cardiologist, sheds light on the topic of heart health. Effective management of your heart health involves paying close attention to various factors, including diabetic control, dietary choices, physical activity, and mental stress. Neglecting these aspects can significantly increase your risk of developing heart problems. Therefore, it's crucial not to ignore any signs of chest pain. Instead, seek immediate medical attention by consulting a cardiologist. Your heart's well-being depends on a holistic approach to health, encompassing these key elements, so taking proactive steps can make a significant difference in your overall cardiovascular health.

By: Dr Biswajeet Mohapatra


OB&G Cervical Cancer Awareness is observed in the month of September every year. During this important month, our dedicated in-house OB&G consultant, Dr. Harpreet Kaur, takes the initiative to educate and inform the general public about cervical cancer and its associated symptoms. Dr. Kaur emphasises the importance of recognising early warning signs, which include excessive white discharge, mixed discharge with blood, and discharge following physical intimacy. Women over 35 should prioritise regular cervical cancer screenings to detect risk factors early and take preventive measures. Early detection saves lives and prioritizes your health with timely medical attention.


On September 29th, World Heart Day reminds us of the profound impact our daily lifestyle choices have on our heart health. Heart problems, including the risk of heart attacks, are intimately connected to our habits, especially our dietary preferences. Dr. Anindya Sarkar, a consultant cardiologist, emphasises the importance of modifying our habits. This involves adopting a heart-healthy diet, integrating regular exercise into our routines, and maintaining proper hydration. Additionally, it's crucial to recognise the significant risk that diabetes poses to our hearts. Therefore, it is essential for diabetes patients to follow regular medical check-ups and monitoring. In summary, World Heart Day prompts us to take proactive measures to protect our vital organs. By adopting healthier eating habits, incorporating daily physical activity, and staying adequately hydrated, we can contribute significantly to our heart's well-being.


AMRI Hospitals, Mukundapur is pleased to announce our participation in the global observance of World Heart Day on the 29th of September. Dr. Uttam Kumar Saha, senior consultant and HOD of Cardiology, emphasises that regular exercise reduces heart-related risks. Exercise boosts fitness and supports the heart, while routine check-ups enable early intervention for a better life. Together, let us work towards a healthier, heart-conscious world where everyone can enjoy the benefits of a well-lived life.

By: Dr Uttam Kumar Saha

Dr. Debasish Saha, a consultant in diabetes and endocrinology, brings to the fore the topic related to animal bites. When dealing with animal bites, it's crucial to understand the risks they pose. This affliction originates in mammals like rabbits, cats, dogs, and cows, progressing through two to three stages, each with serious consequences. The first stage can occur through contact with an infected rabbit's saliva, while the second stage results from direct animal bites, leading to symptoms such as delirium, hydrophobia, hallucinations, and insomnia. Basic awareness is vital to safeguard against this life-threatening disease, making the difference between survival and peril.

By: Dr Debasish Saha

Dr. Parijat Deb Choudhury, a consultant interventional cardiologist, announced that, like every year on September 29th, AMRI Hospitals, Mukundapur will be celebrating World Heart Day once again. This year's theme, 'Use Heart Know Heart,' underscores the importance of this occasion. World Heart Day aims to increase awareness of the warning signs of heart disease so that individuals can take proactive measures to prevent it. Within the Cathlab at AMRI Hospitals, we perform a wide range of interventional procedures, including angiography, angioplasty, pacemaker implantation, and various valve-related activities. Dr. Choudhury, as a female cardiologist, emphasises that a healthy heart enhances one's beauty and encourages women to prioritise heart health for a vibrant and wholesome life.

By: Dr Parijat Deb Choudhury

In alignment with the theme of 'Use Heart, Know Heart,' Dr. Dibya Ranjan Behera is dedicated to sharing important information with the public. His mission revolves around imparting essential guidance on nurturing and safeguarding one's cardiovascular health. Dr. Behera ardently advocates for the importance of stress management, emphasizing that a calm and composed mind is instrumental in promoting heart health.

Furthermore, he advocates for the adoption of a wholesome, well-balanced diet and the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle as cornerstones of cardiovascular well-being. Through his unwavering commitment to education and awareness, Dr. Dibya Ranjan Behera strives to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to cherish and preserve the precious gift of a healthy heart.

By: Dr Dibya Ranjan Behera

On the occasion of World Heart Day, observed on September 29th, it is imperative to acknowledge the prevalence of heart disease. In current times, this has begun to affect the younger generations as well. Dr. Arijit Dutta (Senior Consultant, Cardiocthoracic & Vascular Surgeon) suggests proactively safeguarding your heart by embracing a few fundamental yet transformative lifestyle adjustments. The cornerstone of this preventive approach is the cultivation of wholesome dietary habits, coupled with dedicating a mere 30 minutes to regular physical activity. It is also necessary to maintain a close watch over blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

By: Dr Arijit Datta

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