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Words of Appreciation

Mr. Satyajit Basu was diagnosed with liver concerns and it was found that he had obesity-related difficulties. He was admitted under the supervision of Dr. Debottam Bandyopadhyay, Consultant Gastroenterologist, and Dr. Mousam De, Interventional Radiologist, and was suggested a procedure called TIPS.

By: Satyajit Basu


Md Abdul Kader Gazi was diagnosed with major kidney problems. His left kidney was completely damaged and there was a high chance of malignancy. The patient's son-in-law highly recommends Dr. Bastab Ghosh, Urologist, and Senior Uro Cancer Surgeon at AMRI Hospitals Dhakuria, as he is one of the best surgeons and a highly professional doctor. The operation was hundred percent successful and within twenty-four hours the patient was completely fit.

By: MD Abdul Kader Gazi

SK Alam was diagnosed with malignant cell cancer in his right kidney. Listen to him describe how Dr. Bastab Ghosh, Urologist, and Senior Uro Cancer Surgeon at AMRI Hospitals Dhakuria boosted his confidence and gifted him a new life.

By: SK Alam

Ms. Anjali Mohanty, an 11-year-old child was suffering from a critical case of Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune disease with multisystemic involvement Pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus (PSLE) is a rare condition representing approximately 10% of SLE cases. The child was on irregular treatment for the last 1 year and presented to AMRI hospital ED with status epilepticus. She had generalized edema, hypertension, and abnormal breathing pattern with low GCS. The child was intubated and shifted to PICU. Antibiotic, an antiepileptic drug, antihypertensive with strict input/output and vitals monitoring. 2d ECHO revealed global left ventricular hypokinesia with mild LV dysfunction with mild TR/PAH with LVH for which injection MILRINONE and FUROSEMIDE started. Given severe hypoalbuminemia, albumin infusion was given. In methylprednisolone pulse therapy started suspecting active flare-up. Seizure controlled, GCS improved and maintained saturation with minimal settings in ventilation. Nephrology consultation was taken and plasmapheresis 5 cycles with IVIG at the end of each cycle was given. Rituximab was started and continued monthly. The child was extubated and able to initially maintain saturation with oxygen support and then room air. MRI brain was done suggestive of diffuse cerebral atrophy with multiple hemorrhages in the cerebrum and cerebellum with vasculitis possibly PRES. The child was hemodynamically stable with proper treatment and processes, and oral feeds were started and discharged.

By: Ms. Anjali Mohanty

Mr. Cedric Crowley, Deputy High Commissioner (South Africa), was admitted due to sudden chest pain at AMRI Hospitals, Dhakuria. Now he's a fit man thanks to the commitment, care, and dedication he received from the healthcare team.

Hear it from the man himself, about how Dr. Debottam Bandyopadhyay, Dr. Sumanta Chatterjee, and Dr. Saswati Sinha treated him with utmost care and transformed his worries into joy.

By: Mr. Cedric Crowley
Deputy High Commissioner (South Africa)

Hear it from Binesha’s Mother, Father & Grandfather about how Dr. Dibya Ranjan Behera (Cardiologist - Adult & Pediatric), Dr. Janaki Ballav Pradhan (MBBS, MD Pediatrics, DM Neonatologist, FIAP) & Dr. Vivek Chowdhury (MD, PDCC, FICCC, FIAE, FIECMO & Head, Cardiac Anaesthesiology & Cardiac Critical Care), for saving their 6 month’s old baby.

By: Binesha Jena

Unsure of where to get the right treatment for his kidney problem and transplant, Mr. Min Bahadur Gurung came to AMRI Hospitals after recommendations from his friends in Nepal. Watch him share his experience.

By: Min Bahadur Gurung

After years of dealing with kidney problems, Mr. Gajendra Shrestha recently underwent kidney transplant at AMRI Hospitals Dhakuria under the treatment of Dr Arghya Majumdar and his  Nephrology team. The family came all the way from Nepal for his treatment and are satisfied with the the outcome. Watch them share their experience.

By: Gajendra Srestha

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