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Vision & Mission
Our Vision
Be cherished as the best place to come for care and the best place to work.
Our Mission
To provide healthcare services maintaining accountability in a responsible manner which contribute to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being of the patients and community, which we serve.

To participate in the creation of healthier lives within the community conforming to the requirements of our patients and customers round the clock and constantly measuring and striving to improve the outcomes of our care and service.

To create and sustain a work environment in which all participants are empowered and committed to continual quality improvements; confirming the values of participation, acknowledgement, accountability, team work, integrity and respect.

Create the national model of care through relentless pursuit of unparalleled quality & value to the entire satisfaction of patient, customer and staff.

To carry on educational and research activities related to the provision of care to the sick and injured or related to the promotion of health and continually rethink, reshape and redefine solutions to healthcare challenges.
AMRI Hospitals is a leading private healthcare group, where every act of serving with care resonates with professional empathy, dynamic dedication; its team of medical and administrative professionals next to none.

Let us see how we strategically deliver on our promise:

Over our process of delivering a perfect patient experience, we make working a great learning opportunity that drives personal and organisational growth within a happy and rewarding ecosystem.

  • Happiness reigns here because happy employees are contented, committed and caring and our top priority is to deliver guaranteed job satisfaction.
  • Motivation reigns because from our senior doctors to nursing associates, everyone believes in being generous with sharing their wealth of clinical knowledge.
  • Learning reigns because every touch point is an opportunity to soak in knowledge, from the art of smiling to the bidding goodbye to a recovered patient.
  • Culture reigns because our perfectly executed induction and new hire support programmes imbues them with the spirited Group work culture.
  • Opportunities reign because AMRI Hospitals offers many clinical and non-medical career opportunities.
Diversity at AMRI Hospitals is its unique strength. The AMRI team members come from diverse backgrounds, bringing different experiences to the workplace that enrich minds and open them up to new thoughts. This drives the spirit of innovation that helps us raise our performance standards at Kolkata and Bhubaneswar.

Our recruiting partners have been imbued with the same spirit and support our talent hiring from diverse generations and are focused on creating a gender balance, while hiring differently empowered people. AMRI is just as committed to its core value as an Equal Opportunity Employer, making for harmony at workplace. Moreover 50% of our manpower are women and 33% of leadership team comprises of women.

More importantly, we focus on uniting this diverse team in the same medical ethos as we drive a high-powered health system delivering patient-centric care. Join us and discover the technology and skill empowered healthcare environment founded on D&I.

No wonder that AMRI has been awarded with Best Employer Brand Award 2018 for HR Excellence and People Practices and Dream Employer of the Year 2019. AMRI delivers the ultimate patient experience and complete job satisfaction.
When you join AMRI, you are becoming a member of a diverse team of professionals, committed to redefining the healthcare industry. We are Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Administrators who are not only dedicated to care giving but nurturing every colleague to rise to their best potential. Indeed, AMRI invests in you with a sense of belief in yourself and that it will nurture you to reach your full and exceed your potential.

Thus, two aspects of Performance and Potential are constantly on the AMRI radar and every individual's progress is mapped so that both the organisation and the individual reap top benefits, with job enrichment injected into the system.

High performance in all our recruits is a given but the extraordinary performers are identified through the Performance Management System & Development Centres and their progress guided accordingly, following a robust Reward and Recognition programme. Job scope is redesigned to enhance the scope for outstanding performers to reach leadership positions and to deliver service that represent’s AMRI's culture and values in an exemplary manner.
AMRI Hospitals carries a luminous legacy. It has created an ecosystem enriched with cultural and ethical values and embraces every individual quality amongst us, nurturing professional and personal talents, recognizing and celebrating merit and conscientiousness. We aspire to achieve the highest levels of Quality and Safety because our Doctors, Nurses and Associates are by nature and nurture healers.

Our culture is a continuous process of refining service quality to deliver healthcare with panache. We ensure delivery of work-life balance, where personal responsibilities and professional demands never clash. The evidence lays in our employee loyalty and productivity records.

We place people development on the top echelon of our values and our leadership is committed to our people-development goals. The evidence lays in high performance delivery standards at every level. We place staff-sensitivity to patient care on top of our training goals to ensure that every patient is treated similarly and faces no discrimination and our premises promise a safe space for all. It means safety of the mind body and soul because for us patient care is a profound experience.
Meet the Leadership Team
COVID Warriors
The pandemic is unprecedented. So is the service of our COVID Warriors. Some six million workers have demonstrated unbelievable commitment during this challenging time. They have been the backbone of India's response to the crisis: Our doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, associates, the testing personnel, the laboratory technicians, the immunizing personnel, pharmacies, ambulance drivers... the list is long and their services inspiring.

The extraordinary crisis has been met with extraordinary response as our COVID warriors have delivered care; they have saved lives, supported medical research and have defied the challenges of the overwhelming demands made by COVID -19 with their heroic and selfless dedication. An indebted nation has watched them perform, continuously delivering high-quality care. Most have been away from their homes, their children, their parents to protect them from the pandemic and have bravely dealt with the pain of such separation. Thanks to them we survive as a nation.
Four Engagement Pillars
We engage so that our people can individually reach the depths of their inner potential and leverage our vibrant fountains of knowledge to rise above the mediocre and aspire to constantly pursue excellence.
Our engagement processes disrupt inner placidity and awaken our people to high performance levels to empower them to align their inner strengths to organisational goals.
Our growth process is based on igniting the passion within to attain convert possibilities into performance that holds the key to leadership. Growth is about inspirational leadership.
Innovation is at the heart of our employee engagement; it inspires the evolution of the human resource through kindling aspirations, disrupting the mundane, driving growth and facilitating achievements.
Employee Engagement
AMRI strives to inject positivity in the workplace driving employee motivation and happiness in everything that we say or do. This is an entirely self rewarding exercise because it is inherently productivity and efficiency driven.

As our teams collaborate we continually improve the health, safety and wellbeing of all patients and employees and achieve the optimum “people capacity” utilisation to deliver the best possible health care. This is driven by our strategic focus on a mutually supportive employee engagement mindset for physical and emotional health of all our employees. It is this that becomes a fountainhead fostering proficiency in exemplary healthcare delivery and ensures employee commitment to brand AMRI and its organisation’s goal of staying at the front lines of patient well being.
Learning & Development
AMRI Hospitals has developed a focused hospital and health system training and development programme. Its purpose is to retain, retrain and re-energise its current employees, through skill enhancement, positivity reinforcements and innovation driving programmes that impact their persona as efficient professionals serving with empathy. Generic modules work up to a point and AMRI Hospitals works with personalised modules that leverage its own strengths and knowledge and are specific to its facilities and procedures. The various modes of new age training are Virtual Training, Hybrid Training, and Micro-Learning. Further e-learning allow trainees to learn at their convenience and access training from different locations, at their own pace. Output of these training programmes are better employee engagement, enhancement of skill, better ROI and better work performance. We have a 4 day centralized nursing induction programme that not only inducts the nurses in a consistent manner but reinforces their learning through on the job training.
Academic Wing
AMRI’s guiding philosophy is to remain in forefront of healthcare and it believes this is achieved by remaining at the forefront of medical education through partnerships with leading academic institutions in medical training and research.

These academic activities are monitored by and driven by the need to instill not just education but professionalism, training and teamwork. Association with the best facilities for imparting learning in all these disciplines helps AMRI foster an environment of academic excellence that helps us constantly upgrade our knowledge base and keep pace with state of the art technologies. This also opens up a funnel of best available talent that can be tapped into, whenever AMRI needs it. Both the hospital and our students bring to us not just better outcomes in patient care but also feed into our system newer treatments and cures, help us achieve shorter hospitalisations with enhanced health status and help us stay on the frontline of medical research.
Serial No. Courses Collaboration Tenure
1 B. Sc Nursing- Bhubaneswar Utkal University 4 years
2 M Pharma in Clinical Pharmacy Jadavpur University 2 years
3 Bachelor in Physiotherapy- WBUHS Nopany Institute 6 months
4 Clinical Research in Hospital CRC, Jadavpur University 9 months
5 Renal Dialysis Technology Jadavpur University 9 months
6 Bachelor in Vocational Training Course (BVOC) Mahisadal Raj College 3 years
7 Bachelor in Hospital Management Nopany Institute of Management 2 months/yr *3yrs
8 Pharmacovigilence in Clinical Research (9 months) Jadavpur University 9 months
9 Pharmacovigilence in Clinical Research (12 months) JIS University 12 months
10 DNB in Critical Care (Superspeciality) National Board of Examinations, New Delhi 3 years
11 DNB in General Medicine National Board of Examinations, New Delhi 3 years
12 Diploma in OT Technicine George Telegraph- Paramedical Science 2 years
13 Diploma in Medical Laboratory George Telegraph- Paramedical Science 2 years
14 Certificate in Medical Radiology & Imaging Technology George Telegraph- Paramedical Science 1 years
15 Certification in Emergency Medical Technician George Telegraph- Paramedical Science 6 months
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