What is Knee Cap (Patella) Replacement Surgery?

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Dr Rajib Basu
11 Oct, 2022
What is Knee Cap (Patella) Replacement Surgery?
What is Knee Cap (Patella) Replacement Surgery?

The patella (knee cap) is a small bone in front of the knee. Patella plays a major role during knee movements like squatting, kneeling, and other functions. Patella fracture and replacement surgery are not so uncommon. It could be due to a fall, injury, or osteoporosis. For many years Tension band wiring has been the most followed option, but it has certain limitations.

It usually requires re-do surgeries because of wire-associated problems. It is not ideal for Osteoporosis cases. Today’s most advanced option is Patella replacement with Titanium Star Plate. It has a spectrum of advantages over the long prevalent tension band wiring.

These advantages are:

  • It helps in preserving small bony fragments for maximum anatomical reconstruction.
  • It properly recesses into soft tissues.
  • Minimum wound problems and hardware complications.
  • Can avoid knee stiffness which is common in tension band wiring.
  • Quick recovery and mobility
  • Early rehabilitation
  • Especially suitable for Osteoporotic patella fracture
  • No wire-related complication
  • No second surgery required
  • MRI compatible

AMRI Hospital Dhakuria offers the most advanced facilities for Patella replacement with Titanium Star Plate with a high success rate. There is a full-fledged Replacement surgery team led by renowned Orthopaedic Surgeons and supported by high-end equipment, and specially designed Orthopaedic OT with Laminar Air flow to ensure zero infection.

In the words of Mrs. Bela Nayar (Name changed), an elderly female patient who has successfully undergone Patella Replacement surgery with Titanium Star Plate under Dr. Rajib Basu:“ I underwent the conventional wire surgery on my left knee earlier in another hospital, it not only required re-do due to several complications but it took a long time for recovery. But this time with this Titanium Star Plate replacement my recovery has been much faster and so is my rehabilitation in spite of my Osteoporosis. I am thankful to Dr. Rajib Basu and the AMRI team”


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