Round the Clock Paediatric Emergency Support: A Lifeline for Children

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Dr Janaki Ballav Pradhan
21 Oct, 2023
Round the Clock Paediatric Emergency Support: A Lifeline for Children
Round the Clock Paediatric Emergency Support: A Lifeline for Children

Children are the most precious and vulnerable members of our society and ensuring their well-being are a top priority. Paediatric emergencies can occur unexpectedly, and having access to immediate and comprehensive medical care is crucial. In Bhubaneswar, AMRI Hospitals stand as a beacon of hope and support for parents facing Paediatric emergencies.

Dr Janaki Ballav Pradhan, Senior Consultant, Paediatrics, explains that with round-the-clock Paediatric emergency services, AMRI Bhubaneswar is well-equipped to handle a wide range of Paediatric emergencies, ensuring that young lives receive timely and expert care.

Paediatric emergencies can encompass a wide range of medical conditions, from minor injuries to life-threatening illnesses. Here, we explore some of the common Paediatric emergencies that can occur and how AMRI Bhubaneswar provides exceptional support:


Respiratory Distress: Children can experience respiratory distress due to various reasons, including asthma attacks, severe infections, or foreign body aspiration. Prompt intervention is critical in such cases. AMRI Bhubaneswar has a dedicated Paediatric emergency team skilled in managing respiratory emergencies. They are equipped with state-of-the-art ventilators and other respiratory support devices to ensure that children receive immediate and effective care.


Seizures: Seizures can be frightening for both children and parents. They may result from epilepsy, fever, or other underlying conditions. The Paediatric emergency unit at AMRI Bhubaneswar is staffed with experienced Paediatric neurologists who can quickly assess and manage seizures. Advanced diagnostic tools are available to determine the cause and appropriate treatment.

Trauma and Accidents: Accidents are a common cause of Paediatric emergencies, ranging from falls and burns to road accidents. AMRI Bhubaneswar has a well-equipped trauma center with a dedicated team of Paediatric surgeons and orthopedic specialist who can handle a variety of injuries. Advanced imaging and surgical facilities are available for immediate intervention.

Allergic Reactions: Allergic reactions can occur suddenly, and in severe cases, they may lead to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition. AMRI Bhubaneswar's Paediatric emergency team is trained to recognize and treat allergic reactions promptly. They have access to medications and equipment necessary for managing anaphylaxis, ensuring the child's safety.

Infectious Diseases: Paediatric emergencies related to infectious diseases such as meningitis, pneumonia, or severe gastroenteritis requires immediate attention. AMRI Bhubaneswar is equipped with a dedicated infectious disease unit and experienced Paediatric infectious disease specialists who can diagnose and manage these conditions effectively.

Cardiac Emergencies: Some children may experience cardiac emergencies, such as arrhythmias or congenital heart conditions. AMRI Bhubaneswar has a well-equipped Paediatric cardiology unit and a team of Paediatric cardiologists who can provide timely evaluation and intervention for cardiac emergencies.


Metabolic and Endocrine Emergencies: Conditions like diabetic ketoacidosis, electrolyte imbalances, or adrenal crises can occur suddenly in children. Paediatric endocrinologists at AMRI Bhubaneswar are well-prepared to manage metabolic and endocrine emergencies, ensuring optimal care and stabilization.

Neurological Emergencies: Paediatric neurological emergencies, including head injuries and strokes, require immediate attention. AMRI Bhubaneswar has access to advance neuro-imaging and a team of Paediatric neurosurgeons and neurologists to provide specialized care.

AMRI Hospitals in Bhubaneswar have taken proactive measures to ensure that Paediatric emergencies are managed promptly and efficiently. Here's how they provide round-the-clock Paediatric emergency support:

Specialized Paediatric Team: AMRI Bhubaneswar boasts a dedicated team of Paediatric specialists, including Paediatricians, Paediatric surgeons, Paediatric neurologists, and other subspecialists. This multidisciplinary team collaborates to provide comprehensive care for children in emergencies.


Advanced Medical Equipment: The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, including ventilators, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, and diagnostic tools. This advanced equipment enables healthcare providers to make quick and accurate assessments and interventions.


Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU): AMRI Bhubaneswar has a well-equipped PICU staffed by experienced Paediatric intensivists and nurses. The PICU ensures that critically ill children receive continuous monitoring and specialized care.

Emergency Medical Transportation: The hospital offers round-the-clock ambulance services equipped for Paediatric emergencies. This ensures that children can be safely transported to the hospital in case of emergencies.

Child-Friendly Environment: The hospital creates a child-friendly and comforting environment to alleviate fear and anxiety in young patients. Child life specialists and playrooms are available to provide emotional support to children during their hospital stay.


Education and Prevention: AMRI Bhubaneswar is committed to Paediatric health education and injury prevention. They conduct community outreach programs and workshops to raise awareness about child safety and health.

Paediatric emergencies can be challenging and emotionally distressing for parents and caregivers. Having access to round-the-clock Paediatric emergency support, as provided by AMRI Bhubaneswar, can make all the difference in ensuring the best possible outcomes for children in need. With a dedicated team of specialists, advanced medical equipment, and a child-centric approach, AMRI Hospitals in Bhubaneswar stand as a pillar of support for young lives, offering hope and expert care in times of crisis.



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