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Stories of grit & miracles
Endoscopic Vain Harvesting Bypass surgery

by Dr. Jitendra Nath Patnaik, Senior Cardiac Surgeon, AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar 

Varicose vein is a condition presents as prominent dilated leg veins over single or both legs. Very common now-a-days, associated with prolonged standing, heavy physical work and obese persons. More often neglected and ignored in early stages but may lead to worrisome complications like excessive bleeding and non healing ulcer over leg.

The traditional treatment was surgery, laser ablation and RF ablation. 

 The latest modality of treatment is Venaseal implant( Glue) injection.

Advantages being Patient can come and go home driving after the procedure . Procedure includes only a small puncture in the leg, No cuts, No anesthesia, No pain, No  scar and No Hospital stay. As no scar, cosmetically acceptable for young females. No post procedure medications is required.

This procedure is being done for the First time in Odisha by Our team in  AMRI Hospital, Bhubaneswar  in a 39 yr old male, He was suffering with a non healing venous ulcer since last few years.  Thankful to Dr Vivek, Dr Smruti, Br Anuroop  and his team, Technician team Prakash, Srikant for all the support. Special thanks To Medtronics team Dr Jayant and Mr Animesh for technical and logistic support.

Hoping that this should be accepted as common modality of treatment of Varicose vein.

Malignant tumour weighing 2kg removed from patient's liver periphery in Kolkata

In a ground-breaking surgery, a team of surgeons in a Kolkata hospital successfully removed a tumour on the liver from a 61-year-old man, which weighed around 2 Kilos and was around 15 cm by 15 cm in size.

Dilip Kumar Halder, a resident of Nadia , is currently doing well and was discharged from on AMRI Hospitals , Dhakuria on Wednesday.

The massive malignant tumour had covered almost the whole left section of the patient’s liver, even the two crucial blood vessels in the organ, which control the inflow and outflow of blood to the liver. Senior Consultant GI & Oncosurgeon, Dr Suddhasattwa Sen pointed out that the surgery was crucial and difficult due to the size of the tumour and its position.

Rare Pancreatic Tumour Treated with Radical Surgery

Professor Dipanwita Roy, 55, who was suffering from serious eating disorder and digestive issues, finally found relief after one-and-a half years, when she underwent a rare Radical Antigrade Modular Pancreatosplendectomy surgery of the pancreas, where an even rarer 20-inch tumour had developed.

Eastern India’s Oldest Recipient of Knee Implant

Mr Eswar Chandra Mohanty, 92, gained the distinction of becoming the oldest citizen from Eastern India to undergo a knee replacement surgery at AMRI Hospital- Bhubaneswar. A resident of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, was wary of the surgery and avoided it for long. He, however, agreed and underwent the procedure successfully in January 2021 under Dr. Basant Behera, Senior Consultant, Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Surgeon.

Undigested Ayurvedic Pills Extracted

Mr Manoj Bhalotia, a 56-year-old resident of Salt Lake, got admitted to AMRI Hospital-Salt Lake, in December 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, with severe stomach ache, stomach obstruction, digestive issues, and zero appetite. He underwent an MRI scan which found large patches of foreign objects inside his stomach.

Nail Extracted From 6-month-old Baby’s Throat

Paediatric surgeons of AMRI Mukundapur in June 2018 saved the life of six-month- old Taufiq Mullik, from Murshidabad district of West Bengal, who accidentally swallowed a 2.5 inch nail. When his uncle Alauddin noticed he was frothing and bleeding at the mouth, he called Taufiq’s grandmother. She tried to extract the nail but it got further stuck in Taufiq’s windpipe.

Rare Airway Surgery Conducted on Newborn

AMRI Hospitals conducted Eastern India’s first successful Airway Surgery in June 2018, on a 28-day-old girl child from Bagula in Nadia district of West Bengal, who was born with obstruction in her air passage. The baby was suffering from laryngomalasia, a condition where the larynx is blocked. In case of the baby from Nadia, her epiglottis was blocking the air passage.

Kargil Veteran’s Rare Cancer Treated

Mr Tarun Shankar Tewari, 55, a veteran of Kargil War, was suffering from acute intestinal obstruction and severe pain in the upper part of his abdomen, along with increasing constipation for three months. Investigations revealed a large complex giant tumour in the right lobe of his liver, besides a smaller one on the left lobe. His colon was adherent to the mass and was causing the obstruction, most likely due to pressure from the tumours.

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