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AMRI Hospitals extracts the Longest Gall Bladder in Eastern India

Restoring the faith of millions of people in good Medicare, AMRI Hospitals, Mukundapur extracted Eastern India’s longest gallbladder from 63-year-old Tapati Bhowmik. With this, the hospital stayed inches away from creating a world record.

Suffering from acute stomach ache on the right side of her upper abdomen region, she had approached various hospitals for the treatment before AMRI Hospitals, Mukundapur. While some doctor suggested she had an enlarged liver, others prescribed antacids for severe indigestion and acidity.

After she reached AMRI Hospitals Mukundapur, doctors conducted an Ultrasonography test, which revealed that she had a sizeable obstruction in her gallbladder. The surgery was successfully carried out by Dr Sanjoy Mandal, Senior GI, Laparoscopic and Onco Surgeon at AMRI Hospitals, Mukundapur.

He diagnosed her medical condition through a CT scan, which showed that her gallbladder had extended much beyond its normal size to almost 12 inches, as compared to the natural length of 3 to 5 inches.

Also, the gallbladder’s diameter, which is normally around 4 millimetres, had expanded significantly. As a matter of fact, the longest gallbladder, at 11.8 inches, was found in a woman from Churu, Rajasthan in 2017, which became a world record acknowledged by the Guinness Book.

The 11.6 inch-long gallbladder along with two gall stones, each almost 3 cm in diameter, were extracted from the patient using the laparoscopic procedure, by stretching two of the holes made in her stomach.

Talking about the surgical procedure, Dr Mandal said, “Even though gallbladder surgeries are common, this case was particularly critical since one of the large stones was putting pressure on the bile duct, causing further discomfort to the patient and making the further complicated, especially due to her pre-existing medical conditions like COPD, hypothyroidism and diabetes mellitus (Type II).”

A relieved Mrs Bhowmik said, “I used to think my problem was related to indigestion. My protruding belly used to worry my husband and my son. They first took me to a local physician, who claimed my problems were due to an enlarged liver. We decided to take a second opinion and visited AMRI Hospitals, best hospital in Eastern India where doctors properly diagnosed me. I feel much better now that the surgery is over.”

Certainly, the successful surgery holds a testimony to AMRI Hospitals’ proficiency and mettle in handling complex cases with ease.

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