Covid-19 important steps to stay safe

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28 Feb, 2022

Apart from various other protective measures, using the right face mask, and maintaining proper hygiene are effective ways to curb the chances of catching the deadly Coronavirus. Health authorities are now encouraging all citizens to cover their face. Health experts and researchers working at AMRI Hospitals recommend different types of masks for people to prevent them from being vulnerable.

  • N95 respirator masks are the ones, which fit around your face. They filter out over 90 percent of the particles present in the air. But they have to fit just right in order to work.


  • Surgical masks are light blue masks that fit loosely over nose and mouth. They protect against the large droplets that are transferred from an ill person’s cough or sneeze, however cannot protect against all germs.

There are various types of surgical masks available in the market. These masks are single-use, disposable masks, rectangular in shape with pleats, covering the nose and the mouth. Breathable synthetic fabric is used to manufacture them. Masks for non-health care workers Masks made of clothes are suitable for people who aren’t health workers. After a study, AMRI Hospitals, teleconsultation hospital in Kolkata healthcare professionals have shared a few tips before selecting handmade masks:

  • One can sew the fabric, tie it around face, or fold it around with some string for ear loops
  • To prevent against droplets, two layers of material is suggested
  • Fix a wire or similar ribbon on the corner of masks to fit better
  • Prefer pleated masks as they are designed to fit your face

Maintaining basic hygiene is the crucial to stop the spread of COVID-19.

  • Washing hands regularly with soap, and using sanitizers is important
  • Go for self-quarantine, in case you feel any symptoms
  • Whenever you are coughing or sneezing, use a tissue
  • Clean metal and plastic surfaces regularly

Cases of this deadly virus are at surge across the world and huge numbers of fatalities have been reported. We hope are you taking all necessary measures to protect yourself and your loved ones.


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