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28 Feb, 2022

The flagship medical conference of AMRI Hospitals, AMRICON 2019, was inaugurated on February 23, 2019, at the Science City in Kolkata. The two-day conference was intended to brief doctors, researchers and medical students about the latest developments in the world of medical science


AMRICON 2019 took place on February 23 and 24, where experts, leading physicians, and researchers from Kolkata and other parts of India presented papers with case studies and other audio-visual evidences to support their findings. Some of the best minds from medical fields, such as oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, haematalogy, endocrinology, nephrology, and psychiatry presented what they have learned from real life case studies over the last one year.


The conference was aimed at keeping the medical fraternity interested in continuing medical education. “Rapid fire updates were given on various fields of specialties in the last one year, meant not just for students but also for practising doctors to keep up with whatever is happening in their respective fields,” said Dr Arghya Mazumdar, the Organizing President of AMRICON 2019.


Mr Rupak Barua, Group CEO, AMRI Hospitals, who was the Guest of Honour, said while inaugurating the conference, that AMRI has always been ahead in academic research. Pushing for clinical excellence, he said that the group is dedicated to help with the necessary tools to those willing to keep learning.


Shedding light on the significance of events like AMRICON, Mr Barua said that such events play a vital role in ensuring clinical excellence and put forward the best care to patients. He also said that AMRI is committed to support such academic activities and will continue to do so even in the future.


The healthcare industry veteran also advised doctors to ensure quick diagnosis and treatment of patients to lessen the financial burden on them and to offer quality medical care. He expects that the Central government’s Ayushmaan Bharat scheme will help take quality medical care even to the unprivileged. He also highlighted on the need for private hospitals to keep improving their infrastructure.


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