AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar launches first advanced trauma centre in odisha

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28 Feb, 2022

Bhubaneswar: AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar, the largest multi-specialty Hospital of Bhubaneswar announced the launching of first of its kind Advanced Trauma Centre here today.
The formal announcement of the launch was made at a ceremony held at AMRI Hospitals in the presence of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma, IPS Director General of Police, Govt. of Odisha, Shri Satyajit Mohanty, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Bhubaneswar & Cuttack, Govt. of Odisha, Mr. CLN Reddy, Unit-Head and VP, AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar, Dr. Chirantan Bose, AVP Medical Administration of AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar, and Dr. Sajid Nomani, Head of Department and Academic Course Director, AMRI Institute of Emergency Medicine and Advanced Trauma Centre. Consultants from various specialties and other invited delegates also attended the ceremony.
Road Traffic Accidents along with other causes of trauma have emerged as a new health challenge in India which not only leads to injuries, disability and loss of precious human lives but also imparts a substantial economic burden on the family concerned and nation as a whole. This ‘modern day epidemic’ is highly prevalent in India, considering India accounts for one-fifth of global deaths due to road accidents. In Odisha alone, there were more than 4463 deaths in 2016 which was an alarming 3% increase from the previous year as per statistics of the Transport Department, Govt of Odisha.
Speaking during the event, Mr. CLN Reddy, Unit-Head and VP, AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar said, “Keeping in view the growing number of trauma victims in the country and its long lasting consequences on the victim, family, community and state as a whole, AMRI Hospital Bhubaneswar launched its own Advanced Trauma Centre, which will be a first of its kind facility in the state of Odisha. The Centre will provide multi-specialty approach to trauma victims and fight towards decreasing the rate of mortality and disability of the victims. It will also work towards spreading awareness, preparedness and response to such incidents in order to lessen their impact on the victims.”

The objective of the Trauma Centre would be to offer quick accessibility to hospital for the trauma victims and provide them a multi-specialty clinical care within the shortest time possible and thus save the life of the victims, asserted Dr.Chirantan Bose, AVP Medical Administration of AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar. He also mentioned steps would be taken to liaison with local government bodies for smooth and quick transfer of victims to the center and thus avoid any unnecessary delay in treatment of the patients.

“At the AMRI Trauma Center, fully equipped Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service will be available 24X7 with qualified and trained paramedics and state-of-the art equipment. The ambulances will also be supported by a fleet of Bike Ambulances which will give access to a quicker response to the victims and will enable the initiation of pre-hospital resuscitation within a very short period of time. There will be a direct Hot-line number (0674-6666666) for fully functional round the clock Emergency Department manned by trained and qualified Emergency Physicians and staff equipped with a fully functional resuscitation room and all other facilities backed by a 24X7 Blood Bank and Radiology Services”, said Dr. Sajid Nomani, Head and Academic Director, AMRI Institute of Emergency Medicine and Advanced Trauma Centre.


Dr. Nomani further mentioned, “Now we need to look beyond the golden hour to the platinum ten minutes, for which we decided to have bike ambulances to attend to emergency cases. Nearly 50-per cent of the accident cases ought to be treated on the spot. About 10 -15% patients need early intervention and the Centre will have dedicated trauma team consisting of emergency Physicians, Neurosurgeons, General surgeons, Orthopedic surgeons, Plastic surgeons and Cardiovascular surgeons available round the clock to attend such cases on a priority basis. AMRI Hospital Bhubaneswar is celebrating its 5th Anniversary and has treated over 5.5 Lac patients since its inception.


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