5 Shoulder Injury Facts you Should Know

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28 Feb, 2022

One of the complex and unique areas of human anatomy is found in the shoulder joint, comprising the hold of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. While the shoulder joint is maximum utilized in performing day-to-day activities, it opens the range for disability and injury due to over-exertion and untimely accidents. There are numerous myths and verities revolving around Shoulder Injury, which needs to be explained to prevent future complications.

Use this list to know 5 Shoulder Injury Facts to discover the truth behind the stabbing series of your shoulder pain:

Damaged Rotator Cuff worsen Shoulder Injury

Rotator cuff tears are the most common cause of shoulder pain and disability. Usually, rotator cuff tendons are prone to injuries, as they can only access a tight space for the movement. Also, these groups of muscles and tendons are responsible for stabilizing the shoulder. The injury or severe rupture happens because of an accident, fall, or a strong hit. In the case of aged people, these conditions are most likely due to tendinitis, osteoarthritis, and impingement. Overuse and repetitive motion are major causes behind the rotator cuff's weakening, leading to tearing. Most rotator cuff tears can be treated easily with pain management, physical therapy, and activity modification.

Intense Workout can lead to Shoulder Injury

Everyone wants to stay fit and flexible, which is necessary to keep muscles strong and prevent injuries. Most people prefer to exercise at home, while others workout at the gym. You need to focus on workout techniques, as any wrong exercise form can wreak havoc on your shoulders and other joints. It is necessary to have a skilled trainer by your side who can guide you towards the correct form of exercises that doesn’t put stress and strain across the rotator cuff. Resistance bands are mostly recommended for shoulder strengthening workouts, to be used at 90 degrees instead of lifting weights.

Restlessness during sleep can intensify Shoulder Injury

Many people complain of sleep disturbances due to severe shoulder pain, mostly caused by poor positioning in case of an injured shoulder. According to research, it is proven that disturbed sleep can actually escalate pain and leads to an increase in chances of raising complications. Avoiding medical help for shoulder pain is the primary reason behind intricate shoulder injuries.

Shoulder Injuries are treatable without surgical intervention

People often neglect medical help in fear of going through surgical procedures. The key to achieving the right recovery for shoulder injury is to consult orthopaedics at the earliest. Several shoulder injuries can be treated using rehabilitation methods, physical therapy, and pain management to reduce minor inflammation, assisting in strengthening muscles and range of motion. The involvement of surgery is not mandatory, except in case of major accidental injury or neglecting medical care for prolonged period.

Shoulder Joint Replacement is effective and safe

Shoulder joint replacement is recommended to patients of osteoarthritis, as their muscles and bones weaken with age, and it’s hard to strengthen with medications and supplements. Today, total shoulder replacement is absolutely safe, durable, and effective to relieve from excruciating pain and restoring motion. The durability of a surgery’s success depends on the surgeon's experience, as it lowers the risk of complications and gives better recovery results.


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