10 Uncommon Skin Conditions

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28 Feb, 2022

Many a times medicinal or environmental allergen factors have a significant impact on our skin, leading to lifetime skin conditions that are difficult to treat or cure. Eczema, Acne, Rosacea, and Psoriasis are some of the most common skin disorders that you may have heard of before. However, there are several chronic yet uncommon skin conditions that can affect the quality of life due to their genetic factors, symptoms, and repercussions on overall health. Let’s review some uncommon skin conditions and their treatment and management options:

1. Argyria

In argyria, the skin complexion turns blue or grey due to excessive build-up or overexposure to silver salts to a person’s body. This rare discoloration is witnessed among those working in silver mining, silver refining, silverware, jewellery factories, or photographic processing where exposure to silver components is excessive or uncontrollable. Some people also develop argyria as an allergic reaction from certain medications or dietary supplements containing colloidal silver used to boost immunity or treat life-threatening conditions such as herpes, AIDS, shingles, and more.

2. Peeling skin syndrome

Peeling skin syndrome (PSS) refers to a group of rare inherited skin disorders that accelerate the painless shedding of the outermost skin layers since birth or early childhood. Several factors such as exposure to heat or friction, may worsen the condition or sometimes the entire body in the process. One cannot stop the peeling of the skin but can soothe the symptoms of itching, and blistering through constant moisturizing.

3. Elastoderma

Elastoderma is a sporadic skin disorder that causes an increase in skin laxity covering a large part of the body. Any part of the body can be affected by Elastoderma, typically occurring on the elbows, knees, and neck. Elastoderma often causes delayed skin recoil which is usually treated with the surgical excision (removal of the affected area of the skin), but there are high chances of hyperlaxity of skin as an after effect.

4. Morgellons Disease

Morgellons disease causes irritating and painful symptoms along with rashes, skin sores, absurd sensations, small black fibers, fatigue, anxiety, lesions, and depression. Individuals suffering from this diseases often describe filaments of various colours growing under their skin as well as a crawling and biting sensation. Studies have shown some correlation between Morgellons disease and psychiatric disorders.

5. Vitiligo

Vitiligo is the loss of brown pigment in patches from the skin, that leaves irregular and patchy white blocks on the body. Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition where immune cells start to destroy the cells that produce brown pigment in the skin. The condition is almost untreatable and patients resort to some cosmetic treatments to minimize the patchy appearance.

6. Harlequin ichthyosis

Harlequin ichthyosis is an autosomal recessive disorder resulting from mutated genes (one from each parent), causing hard, thick skin and diamond-shaped scales that crack and split apart. It affects mostly infants and is seen in eyelids, mouth, nose, and ears bringing distorted facial features. In severe cases, it can restrict movements of the limbs and chest.


7. Hidradenitis suppurativa

Commonly known as Acne Inversa, Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that appears as boils, tracts, and pimple-like bumps on the skin. The most affected parts are the groin, buttocks, upper thighs, breasts, and underarms. People with such conditions have an increased risk of developing chronic ailments such as type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), etc.


8. Blau syndrome

AMRI Hospitals dermatologists explain that Blau Syndrome is one of the rare autosomal skin conditions caused by inflammation affecting the person’s immune system. Usually, the disease starts at an early age , progressing gradually into adulthood. It can also affect people suffering from kidney ailments, arthritis, skin rash, and eye infections. There is no treatment to cure Blau Syndrome, and only a few immunosuppressant medications are advised in adults to reduce symptoms.


9. Chromhidrosis

People experiencing Chromhidrosis suffer from the production of colored sweat, which can appear in underarms, face, or the dark circles around nipples. This happens owing to the excessive presence of lipofuscin in sweat glands. Patients experience predominantly yellow, brown, green, blue and black coloured sweat. It is possible to limit the impact of the disease by using regular medications. Alternatively, botox shots are administered to shut down the sweat glands.

10. Necrobiosis lipoidica

Usually, people with diabetes are at a higher risk for Necrobiosis lipoidica, and in some cases, it is also seen in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. The cause of the disease is unknown, affecting the lower legs with a painful or tender rash, which is linked to blood vessel inflammation caused by factors. As it advances, the rash can ulcerate due to trauma and infection, damaging the skin proteins. Not all cases of Necrobiosis Lipoidica require treatment but when required the condition can be managed with the help of topical steroids, aspiring and dipyridamole combination, niacinamide, steroid injections or tablets.


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