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We value your cooperation

We don’t just treat our patients. We focus on building relationships for a lifetime. We believe that every patient that gets admitted gives us an opportunity to provide the best diagnosis and treatment facilities. All we ask for is a little bit of cooperation in return. The following are the policies and guidelines that we request all patients and visitors to follow:
  • Smoking & Spitting are strictly prohibited in the Hospital Premises.
  • Litter to be dropped in bins.
  • Do not try to shift or repair any equipment of the Hospital, nor bring from outside any such item for use in the Hospital.
  • Do not keep windows/doors open while AC is on.
  • Do not operate Oxygen/Vacuum yourself.
  • Do not wash personal clothes in the Hospital premises.
  • Do not allow your visitor to sit on your bed or overstay after the visiting hours.
  • Do not give any tips to any hospital staff.
  • All payments to be made at cash counter only against proper receipt.
  • Please try to maintain "Silence" in the hospital premises, in the interest of patient care.
  • Maximum number of visitors in the ward is two at a time
  • Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the patient's floor,
  • Outside food is not allowed for the patient except in certain situation by the written permission of treating Consultant and Dietician.
  • Flowers are not allowed
  • Patients are required to buy medicines from the Hospital Pharmacy during the hospital stay. Outside medicines are strictly not allowed
  • All personal belongings will be the responsibility of the Patient family
  • Hospital authorities are not responsible for theft / loss of such valuable items
  • Please abide by Security Rules and Hospital authority protocol.
  • The Hospital is a "No Smoking / No Alcohol/ No Tobacco" Zone
  • Photography in Hospital is prohibited & Cameras can be confiscated by Security if anybody is found using it.
  • Attendant and Visitor passes are to be returned at the time of discharge
  • Visitors are not allowed to sit on the Patient bed
  • Please keep your mobile on silent mode when you visit Hospital
  • Special permission from the Front Office to be taken if the patient's relatives wish to stay in the Ground Floor Lobby

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