The PET CT is equipped to perform a whole body PET CT for oncologic and infection imaging. The facility is capable of performing cardiac and neuro PET as well. The SPECT CT facility is designed to provide fusion imaging using both nuclear images and CT study thus obviating the need of separate radiologic investigations in many cases. The department also offers the service of isotope based therapies for thyroid diseases as well as some cancers.


PET CT with LBS Detector Technology for –

  • Oncology Imaging
  • Infection Imaging
  • Inflammation Imaging
  • Cardiac PET for myocardial viability
  • NEURO PET for evaluation of dementia
  • NEURO PET for epilepsy evaluation
  • 4 slice SPECT CT for fusion imaging alongside the conventional Nuclear Medicine images
  • OP based Radionuclide therapy - Iodine therapy for thyroid diseases, 32-P/89-Sr for bone pain palliation

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