Nuclear medicine with PET CT and SPECT CT has brought about a revolution in diagnosis and the assessment of major diseases all across the world.AMRI Dhakuria has introduced Nuclear Medicine Department with state of the art 64 slice PET CT and 4 slice SPECT CT for diagnosis and treatment.

64 Slice PET CT enables ultimate diagnosis in cancer as well as cardiac and neurological diseases. It is particularly helpful for early and precise detection in the sphere of Brain, Heart and whole body scan.

  • Brain - Early detection of Dementia. Epilepsy. Brain Tumour.
  • Heart - Myocardial Viability study. Pre assumption of heart attack risk. Gold standard method for the study of living muscles.
  • Whole body PET CT - Cancer Detection - stages, treatment effects and relapse
  • Infection detection - like FUO (Fever of unknown origin).

The 4 Slice SPECT - CT offers fusion of functional and anatomical images. This helps in determining the nature and precise location of the lesion. Fusion image (SPECT-CT) will offer more accurate assessment of diseases. Some of these are-

Bone Scan for orthopaedic as well as cancer patients

  • Thyroid scan
  • Renal scan
  • Myocardial perfusion

Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine procedures

  • Extensive Bone cancer treatment and palliation therapy
  • Hyper Thyroid disease cured with Iodine therapy and no need for prolonged medicines
  • Thyroid cancer

New therapies for some other diseases

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