Radiology & Interventional Radiology

Revolutionizing healthcare with the most advanced Radiology Diagnostics

A combination of the best interventional radiologists, trained staff, and the availability of the latest equipment is what makes AMRI one of the best centres for Radiology diagnostics. In addition to stroke treatment and DSA, AMRI provides treatment for the following.      


There are numerous instances where regular ERCP is not possible like in cases of obstructive jaundice, Cholangitis, post-operative patients, etc. In such cases interventional radiology is highly effective. IR usually under USG guidance, punctures one of the suitable biliary radicle transhepatically and then either place a catheter to drain the bile outside (PTBD) or if possible place a stent across the stricture for internal drainage.Even treatment of benign strictures and biliary clearing procedures can be done by extension of PTBD. Similarly, PCN and antegrade ureteric stenting are also possible when other measures fail.

Liver Cancers

Whether it’s for treatment or palliation, interventional radiology is highly effective especially in cases such as Carcinoma in Liver which is not operable. Trans arterial Chemo embolization (TACE), a well-establishedtherapy for HCC, colonic metastasis and neuroendocrine tumours and chemo infusion are regularly done here. We offer TACE in both conventional as well as drug eluting beads. Portal vein embolization in suitable patients is also offered after volumetric evaluation.                                               

Uterine Artery Embolization

This procedure is required for fibroid disease of uterus and post-partum haemorrhage which is done under local anaesthesia where a catheter selectively inserted into uterine artery and blocked using PVA particles. This helps avoiding not only hysterectomy but also its immediate and delayed complications like ureteric ligation, VVF, urinary incontinence, adhesion, intestinal obstruction, hernia etc. In this procedure recovery period is shorter and in some patients’ future pregnancies also reported.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

RFA of solid tumours’ of different organs is now a most advanced and established method of treatment with durable long term results of tumour size 3-5cm specially of liver, kidney, pancreas, lung etc. OsteoidOsteoma of bone no longer requires any surgery and CT guided RFA is the treatment for it.

AMRI also provides RFA of varicose veins which is an outstanding edge over LASER treatment with proven lesser recurrences along with sutureless surgery for stripping and sclerotherapy as complete treatment in a single sitting for symptomatic patients.

Other Procedures

For long-termdialysis access, placement of PERM catheters is offered with fistuloplastyfor A-V fistula. Similarly, Chronic Total Occlusion of central venous system & SVC obstruction can be opened up by angioplasty and stenting.IVC and hepatic vein stenting for Budd- Chiarri syndrome is also done.A wide range of highly effective procedures for PAIN MANAGEMENT of CT guided blocks is also performed at AMRI - like EPIDURAL injections, FACET blocks and foraminal blocks.FNAC’s, biopsies and catheter drainages are certainly within the purview of the Interventional radiologists at AMRI. TIPS (Transjugular, Intrahepatic, Portosystemic Shunt) and AAA (Abdominal aortic aneurysm) repair are mostly done by well-trained IRs.

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