Staff Nurse

03 Jul 2020
1 - 5 years of experience    AMRI Hospitals


Job description:

  • Arrangement accommodation for receiving patients in bed & making them comfortable.
  • Taking vitals notes, recording findings in the case sheet & report the patient's condition immediately to the EMO.
  • Documentation of every diagnosis and ongoing treatment plan of the patient
  • Monitor and record patient's conditions, evaluate patient's response to treatment and notify the doctor when appropriate.
  • Assist in providing IV therapy, cleaning and bandaging wounds, administering medications or injections and contacting other staff members when necessary for other procedures.
  • Assist the EMO in attending & treating the patient as required & carry out the orders immediately.
  • Accompany patients during transfer to the concerned War/Critical care unit/OT and handover the patient to the concerned Sister in charge.
  • Ensuring Infection control protocol rules & standards by disposal of infected & solid articles.
  • Accompany the consultants on their visit to examine the patients and maintain the record of all instruction, carry them out properly & intimate the duty EMO as required immediately.
  • Assisting the medical team in carrying out the treatment plan
  • Documentation and constant monitoring of the patient's status

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