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Strengths and Abilities in Autism - World Autism Awareness Day 2021

When it comes to Autism, people often see only the challenges of the disorder and not the gifts or abilities that autistic individuals seem to possess.

It is understandable that Autism is a lifelong condition, with certain challenges and characteristics associated with it are going to affect the normal routine of a person. On the other side, however, the important aspect people are unaware of are the strengths and abilities that are intertwined with the personality of an autistic person, such as the way they perceive, process information, learn quickly, honesty in behaviour, and a great memory, among many other traits. The concept of ‘Neurodiversity’ is well-applied for ASD, where it celebrates the “acceptance of others who are different, and value those differences equally”.

Determining the abilities and working on the challenges can greatly improve the entire lifestyle of an autistic person. Children can be easily driven by their particular skills and interests, if they are pointed in the right direction and provided motivation. Educators and parents need to identify one’s strength and focus on managing it to improve the quality of life of an autistic child.

Some examples of strengths & abilities commonly associated with the diagnosis of autism are:

  • Exceptional memory for facts and figures
  • Logical & independent thinking ability
  • Visual Learning
  • Out-of-the-box Thinking
  • Attention to Details
  • Having Excellent Focus & Concentration
  • Incredible Sense of Direction
  • Decoding written language at an early age (Hyperlexia)
  • Detail-oriented
  • Outstanding Intelligence
  • Loyalty, Honesty and Reliability
  • Direct communication
  • Punctual & thriving routine
  • Extraordinary performance in academics
  • Strong adherence to rules
  • Strive for perfection
  • Capability to identify alternate solution for problems

Although all these characteristics are not applicable to every autistic person, recognizing specific strengths and positive aspects that come with the condition will help autistic people in developing skills and learning new concepts.