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National Nutrition Week: Nutrients are directly proportional to good health

History of NNW-
Every year, the National Nutrition Week is observed in India from September 1 to 7. This annual event is being organised by the Food Nutrition Board, Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India. In 1973, the American Dietetic Association initiated the concept of National Nutrition Week in order to generate a sense regarding the importance of healthy nourishment. 

Significance of National Nutritional Week- 
Hunger has been a social evil that has gone unnoticed by individuals due to lack of awareness. The purpose of organising the National Nutrition Week on an annual basis is to provide an insight among people regarding the potency of a nutritional diet and disadvantages of malnutrition. 
Lack of a proper diet has affected millions of people with malnutrition, underdevelopment, and hindered growth. Various schemes are run by the government to provide food to people living in deplorable conditions of poverty. Several NGOs have come forward to help in the mission against hunger. 

Importance Of Nutrients- 
Nutrients form the basic components of our meals, making it necessary to contain carbohydrate, fats, minerals and vitamins, proteins, water, and fibre in an appropriate amount. 

• To meet Energy Requirements: 
An average person needs around 2,000 calories to meet their energy requirements, varying according to age, sex, and other factors like physical work. 

• To sustain health: 
A proper intake of food is required to maintain nutrition bar of your body in order to live and lead a healthy life. Nutritional intake manages body weight, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure. 

• To boost Immunity: 
Nutrition helps in providing energy, efficient growth, better metabolism and serve for protective purposes. Carbohydrates and fats provide energy, proteins are bodybuilding foods, and vitamins & minerals serve as protective foods. 

• To lessen the risk of sicknesses: 
According to doctors at AMRI and many other healthcare centres, good nutrition intake through food is the best way to prevent the risk of illness and reduce the threat of non-communicable diseases.

• To increase lifespan:
A healthy individual has a reduced risk of getting infected by chronic health diseases and even in case of any suffering, has a greater chance of dealing with the disease. Therefore, nutrients have a direct relation with the health and lifespan of any individual. 

• To delay the process of Ageing: 
An active lifestyle and a healthy individual happens to look more alive and cheerful. The process of ageing fastens in case of a poor diet. 

Schemes By Government: 
The Food and Nutrition Board comes up with a specific theme each year for the National Nutrition Week. The theme for 2020 is ‘Eat Right, Bite by Bite’, keeping i balance the theme for 2019, "Har Ghar Poshan Vyavahar". Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Poshan Abhiyan in 2018, with the aim to liberate India from malnutrition. Various workshops, films, lectures, and exhibitions are conducted in collaboration with Community Food & Nutrition Extension Units (CFNEU) to generate awareness. National Institution of Nutrition is conducting a webinar on "COVIDIET: Nutritional Lifestyle and Immunity" this year. 

At AMRI, we believe in the cause of the National Nutritional Week and it is of much importance to creating awareness regarding good nutrition and health. Health cannot be ensured through treatments alone, but also needs a balanced diet and a good nutritional package.