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A complete guide to safe grocery shopping amid COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 is spreading fast and it sustains on various surfaces for different time periods. Visiting grocery stores amid the pandemic and not ensuring appropriate measures can be risky for you.

Despite the nationwide lockdown, people are still allowed to buy groceries. However, buying essential goods without precautionary measures can prove to be threatening to your health. More you take precautionary measures to safeguard yourself, less are the chances of catching the infection.

Health experts at AMRI Hospitals have laid down some measures to avoid catching the infection while visiting grocery stores, as the virus can easily transmit through boxes of food or other surfaces.

Any person visiting the grocery store must carry a sanitizer even if stores are providing it to the buyers. Sanitizer must be used before entering the store and after coming out of it.

Proper hand hygiene must be practiced by washing hands for minimum 20 seconds with soap and water after reaching home. You need to sanitize your hands again after unpacking the groceries.

Groceries are usually safe but if items are to be consumed within 72 hours of purchase, they need to be sanitized properly depending upon the product. Washing fruits and vegetables is important as they are usually accessible to all.

Here are some tips issued by AMRI Hospitals, to create awareness about safe grocery shopping to safeguard the community.

  • Go alone to shop as it will reduce the risk of getting infected
  • Wear a mask whenever you step out of the house
  • Avoid using your phone while purchasing groceries as your hands come closer to face while using it
  • It’s always a good idea to make virtual transactions rather than using notes or coins
  • Always disinfect the handle of the shopping basket as it might be infected

Shopping for groceries is absolutely fine as long as you follow the recommended guidelines and take care of your health. Stay Safe!