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Advice for elderly and people with pre-existing health conditions to combat COVID-19

COVID-19 can affect any person, irrespective of age, pre-existing health conditions, immunity levels, etc. However, various studies have found that the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions are at a greater risk.

A young and healthy person may only experience mild symptoms of COVID-19, whereas an aged person or a less-healthy individual may develop severe symptoms, leading to organ failure, explain health practitioners at AMRI Hospitals.

People with weakened immune system and underlying chronic conditions, including heart diseases, diabetes, or asthma need to take more precautions. It is important for them to practise good hygiene, follow a healthy lifestyle, and monitor their health condition closely.

According to medical practitioners at AMRI Hospitals, the common symptoms of COVID-19 are not different than that of the regular flu, which makes it even more important to stay cautious. These include cough, high temperature, shortness of breath, sore throat, etc.

It can be dangerous to take these symptoms for granted, considering the threat of COVID-19. Self-medication is also discouraged by medical practitioners. One must visit a nearby healthcare facility, if experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

People, who are over the age of 70, need to practice social distancing and isolation. While everyone is being told to follow social-distancing measures to help reduce the chance of spreading Coronavirus, people in higher risk groups are strongly advised to follow the advice at any cost.

As per doctors at AMRI Hospitals, other than washing hands frequently, eating healthy, and sleeping for 7-8 hours daily, one cannot undermine the necessity of engaging in physical activities. If one doesn't wish to work out, there are other methods of keeping the body fit and not lying idle for too long.

One of the bigger challenges one may face during the lockdown is boredom and inactivity, causing numerous problems to those with pre-existing health conditions. Thus, it is important to keep yourself engaged in different activities and stay active, both physically and mentally.