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Is cancer preventable? Here's how simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference!

Cancer prevention is all about making simple changes in your lifestyle, suggest medical practitioners at AMRI Hospital Ltd. These changes can prove to be quite effective in preventing cancer. In order to safeguard yourself from this dangerous disease, rather than taking comfort in following a monotonous schedule, these tips can help you ensure healthy living:  

Eat healthy food: It is important to ensure a healthy diet to reduce your risk of cancer. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals. One can maintain a healthy weight by including whole grains and beans in the diet, while avoiding high-calorie foods and saturated fat.   

Stay active: Being active lowers the risk of various types of cancer. It helps in maintaining a good shape and avoiding the accumulation of fats in the body. Ensuring regular physical activity also improves mobility, keeping you in good shape for the coming years.  

Avoid alcohol and tobacco: Consuming tobacco in any form, and drinking alcohol increases your risk of developing cancer. Smoking is linked to various type of cancers, particularly of the lungs, mouth, throat, larynx, and bladder. Not only first hand smoke, but even second hand smoke can be dangerous. So, it is advisable to avoid this bad habit to increase chances of preventing cancer.

Get regular medical care: Regular medical examinations and screening can help you prevent or at least detect cancer at an early stage, which helps in treating the problem in a more comprehensive way. Other than this, risky behaviours that may lead to infection can also be prevented much earlier through regular body check-up.  

Get vaccinated: Hepatitis-B increases the risk of developing liver cancer. There is a vaccine for certain adults at high risk that can help avoid cancer. Other than this, HPV vaccine is also recommended for girls and boys, which protects from sexually transmitted virus that can lead to cervical cancer.  

Overall, it is important to understand cancer to beat it by stepping up the preventive measures. Spreading awareness is the need of the hour, especially on Word Cancer Day, which is observed on 4th February every year for the same purpose. Be aware, act fast, and beat the risk!