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All you need to know about the complexities of recovery process after heart attack!

Recovering from a heart attack can prove to be a very complex process. Once a patient returns home, it is important to be careful about certain things. Putting unwanted stress on the mind and the body can have negative effects. Doctors usually prefer complete rest for a few weeks after discharging a patient from the hospital.

A heart attack survivor requires around 2-3 months to resume normal activities. However, the duration can vary, depending on the past history of the patient, severity of the attack and the patient's overall immunity system. 

A person who is able to avoid stress, temperature extremes and other such conditions can recover quickly, suggest experienced cardiologists at AMRI Hospital Ltd. Exercise is also important to increase the level of physical activities on a daily basis. A holistic rehabilitation programme comes with an inclusive information about diet, sexual activity, additional treatment, and other issues.

Lifestyle changes can be instrumental in helping heart attack survivors to recover in a quick span of time. It is also important to discontinue bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc. Those who are unable to avoid such habits may be inviting another heart attack.

Some of the common emotions among people who have suffered from heart attack include denial, anger, fear, anxiety, etc. A person may feel depressed, tired and experience low self-esteem as well. Some patients may even need to take medicines for depression. All these problems are normal and often go away within a few weeks.

It is important to keep a positive attitude towards recovery and treatment to deal with all these problems, explain doctors at AMRI Hospital. It is not only about the physical recovery, but also about mental recovery and understanding the criticality of the condition.

Thus, a patient must keep talking to the doctor to seek help pertaining to various aspects of the recovery process. Once a patient gets on track, the condition improves with every passing day.