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Five unnoticed symptoms that may indicate a heart problem!

Chest pain is usually the most common symptom of major heart-related problems. However, it is not the only symptom that could signal heart related issues. There are many other symptoms that often go unnoticed, causing a lot of damage to the heart before we even get to know about the issue.

Here are some of the lesser-known symptoms that may signal a heart problem:

  1. Fatigue and tiredness: It can be related to various illnesses and medicine. However, when it happens constantly, it may signal heart failure or coronary artery disease, suggest cardiologists at AMRI Hospitals. Fatigue may not be a common symptom, but it is important to be aware of this condition if it happens for too long.
  2. Shortness of breath: Usually shortness of breath is related to performing a major physical activity, which doesn’t signal any complexities. However, when it occurs while performing small activities, it may indicate a problem. It becomes important to visit a doctor, if it happens on a regular basis.
  3. Palpitation in heart: Irregular or rapid heartbeat is usually common, which doesn’t signal any harm. It is often caused due to anxiety, high caffeine intake, or dehydration. At times, it may indicate a heart problem, depending on when it occurs. If the palpitation happens while resting, it is important to pay attention and monitor the problem.
  4. Unexplained pain: Coronary artery disease blocks the blood supply to the heart muscle, leading to pain. However, this pain is not always felt in the chest. If one experiences the pain in shoulders, arms, back, jaw or abdomen, which occurs with exercise, it may be a sign of a heart problem.
  5. Swelling in feet or ankles: If you experience swelling in legs, ankle or feet that leaves an indentation after pressing the swollen area, it could be a sign of heart failure. Kidney disease, liver failure or eating salty food can also cause swelling, but in some cases, it can also be a symptom of heart-related issues.

It is necessary to monitor your health and be aware of these underrated symptoms, which often go unnoticed. According to health practitioners at AMRI Hospitals, regular health check-ups are very important to maintain good health and to prevent such problems.