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AMRI Hospitals Mukundapur launches Eastern India’s first Airway Clinic

Launching Eastern India’s first Airway Clinic, AMRI Hospitals Mukundapur has officially registered its credibility by providing all-inclusive air passage-related medical aid. The clinic will offer comprehensive treatments related to a patient’s upper and lower airways, along with other connected problems.  

Both children and adults can be treated at the Airway Clinic, for all disorders affecting the air passage and the lungs. The hospital’s first successful surgery was a critical case of a 28-day-old infant from Bagula, Nadia, born with an air passage obstruction leading to breathing difficulties. The baby suffered from a condition called laryngomalacia, where the larynx was blocked. In the infant’s case, the epiglottis was also blocking the air passage, making breathing all the more difficult for him.

The surgery was conducted by Dr Saumitra Ghosh, a well-known ENT consultant with experience in conducting surgeries even overseas. In order to cure the infant, the doctor conducted a laser surgery and the baby’s breathing was restored to normal. The procedure was completed successfully without any post-surgery complications.

The Airway clinic aims at treating children, infants, or adults, who might have had previous cases of accidents, tumors, accidental acid poisoning, or even suffered a stroke, leading to breathing problems.

"Patients at the Airway Clinic are diagnosed properly with our latest fiber optic laryngoscope, cameras and other advanced instruments by a team of experienced professionals. Patients are treated with state-of-the-art CO2 laser and micro debrider-assisted surgery," explained Dr Ghosh.

Dr Amitabha Roy Chowdhury, Consultant ENT Surgeon and Head of the ENT department at AMRI Mukundapur, also asserted that the Airway Clinic is an extension of the Laryngology unit at the hospital, which consists of three clinics.

Dr Ghosh stated that genetic defects of the airway or the food passage are often overlooked. Credited with a dedicated team of medical experts and trained staff, the airway clinic is a one-stop healthcare provider for issues related to air passage.