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AMRI Hospitals accredited with NABH for its Emergency Department

Setting new standards and achieving new milestones every year, AMRI Hospitals, Bhubaneswar, has recently been accredited with the NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) certification for its emergency department.

The NABH accreditation process involves a holistic glance at various aspects of the hospital and healthcare management. AMRI Hospitals has demonstrated and maintained a high standard of superiority and expertise, exuding pride in receiving the NABH accreditation for its healthcare services.

Maintaining its standard of excellence and expertise in healthcare services, AMRI Hospitals, among the largest network of healthcare service providers in India, has been a leading example in medical proficiency and community care over the years. Its emergency care and support in critical care units is reliable and efficient with active 24x7 assistance.

AMRI believes that faster and effective medical response equates to better lifesaving outcomes. Therefore, the hospital invests time, efforts and resources to provide its patients with effective care. Its panel of highly proficient doctors and staff is well-equipped to handle complex medical conditions with ease.

Uncompromising when it comes to patient’s comfort, AMRI Hospitals hosts the capability to handle large number of patients, having the maximum number of critical care beds in Bhubaneswar. The first and fifth floors are dedicated to intensive care with 131 beds across 320 square feet. The Emergency department of AMRI Hospitals, is equipped to cater to all patients, through Intensive Care Units, Intensive Therapy Units, and a fleet of critical care ambulances for immediate aid.

AMRI Hospitals, Bhubaneswar has also introduced free Bike Ambulance service for the first time in the region, to make sure that prompt medical supervision is available to the patients, unhindered by any external conditions. AMRI’s Emergency critical care & trauma management department is also well-known, treating thousands of patients every year without compromising on the service quality. Emergency care begins as soon as you enter the vicinity, with panel of specialists at your service even during the odd hours.

About NABH accreditation

The NABH accreditation follows the parameter that defines standards for quality improvement for Emergency Department (ED) within the hospital. It measures the best practices in the Emergency Department and hospital care. Being the part of Quality Control Council of India (QCI), the NABH establishes, and levies accreditation programmes in various healthcare organizations.