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AMRI Hospitals collaborates with Clair Clinic, Singapore

Leading chain of private healthcare group in Eastern India — AMRI Hospitals recently announced its collaboration with Clair Clinic, Singapore, for introducing the latest technology in aesthetics therapy in the country. It is said to be a one-of-its-kind clinic equipped with technology-backed personal grooming techniques.

The new technology is effective enough to restore your youthful glow with state-of-the-art laser technology and other non-invasive rejuvenation therapies. It will help you in getting beautiful skin, hair, and teeth, taking holistic personal grooming to a new level.

Clair clinic mainly focuses on maintaining youthful skin, healthy hair and a radiant smile. With a dedicate team of skilled medical experts, it will also provide fat reduction and body contouring services, using tried and tested FDA-approved technologies and therapies.

The clinic has been brought to India by AMRI Hospitals, Eastern India’s largest private healthcare network. The healthcare group, well-known for quality multi-speciality healthcare services, emphasizes the use of the most advanced treatment protocols and medical equipment. AMRI’s collaboration with Clair is further testimony to the Group’s efforts to always offer the best in services at value-for-money prices.

Clair’s range of treatment and products achieves the best results with little downtime, enabling you to return to work immediately. The use of painless, non-surgical procedures will help people to look and feel good, faster and discretely.

About the Services

Laser Technology will help improve the skin’s smoothness, evenness, tone, texture, radiance, and clarity, while reducing the appearance of pores and lines.

Bodysculpt is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for permanent fat reduction of localized fat areas, helping you to get into your ideal shape.

Thread Lift rejuvenates and restores youthful contours and stimulates collagen formation to provide sustainable lift. It is a safe and convenient alternative to traditional facelift surgery.

Facial Fillers help to replace the lost of tissue volume through the aging process and enhances your natural beauty and brings out the best qualities of your face. It can be done in minutes.

UltraQ is a breakthrough non-invasive procedure that uses medical ultrasound for non-surgical cosmetic improvement of the skin. It works deep below the surface, without harming the outer layer of skin-for dramatic and long-lasting benefits of facial firming and skin lifting.

Botox is a FDA-approved procedure that eliminates wrinkles.

Dental Implants allow us to replace missing teeth to ensure that our patients enjoy the meals and retain a youthful appearance. Even when teeth have been loss for many years, we can still rebuild the missing jawbone through bone graft and regeneration.  AMRI is one of the leading centres for implant dentistry in India and is reputed to have done the most in Eastern India.

Cosmetic Dentistry is the art of delivering a radiant smile. Modern computer technology allows the fabrication of a “Hollywood smile” and teeth within hours.


About Clair Clinic

Clair Aesthetics Ltd in India was started in collaboration with Clair Beauty Pte Ltd, Singapore. Harnessing on the wealth of experience of its clinicians, it has over the last 5 years delivered high quality cosmetic skincare and body contouring services. Its principal founder, Dr William Chong is internationally-recognized dental surgeon renown in the field of Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. In partnership with Dr Moon Chattaraj, a leading dental surgeon in Kolkata, and AMRI Hospitals, Clair aims to set the mark for delivering the highest quality of healthcare in Kolkata.  Additionally, Clair will provide Chiropractic services as part of its total wellness programme. Clair Chiropractic, which focuses on natural solutions for pain relief, will be the first of its kind in Eastern India.


About AMRI Hospitals Ltd

AMRI Hospitals, a multi-specialty healthcare facility in Eastern India with specialization in Oncology, Neuro Sciences, Cardiac Sciences, Orthopedics, Emergency &Trauma care, Gynecology & Childcare is the largest player in private sector with its existing strength of around 1,000 beds. With its state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities, AMRI is ensuring that people from Eastern India are provided affordable high-quality medical care in the region, so that patients need not travel to other parts of the country for medical treatment. AMRI Hospitals, best hospital in Kolkata which has four units in Kolkata, is expanding its capacity for additional beds in its existing facilities. A 400 bedded state-of-the art super-specialty hospital has recently become operational in Bhubaneswar. AMRI Hospitals plans to set up a new 400-bedded facility in West Bengal with an investment of Rs 500 Cr. The Group is committed to serve the people of Eastern India and has plans to add another 600-700 beds over the next 3-4 years.