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A private healthcare group providing top notch medical services, backed by latest technologies

Welcome To AMRI Southern Avenue

AMRI Medical Centre, among the best day care facilities in Eastern India, is a state-of-the-art medical set-up offering a wide range of services, from Eye care, Dental care and ENT to general health check-ups, with OPD investigations and consultations. Situated in the heart of South Kolkata, off the busy thoroughfare of Southern Avenue, the Centre has become a landmark over the years.

Set up in July 2002, AMC Southern Avenue is the first recognised service provider of IVF technology with an advanced cryobank in Eastern India. Since then, the Medical Centre has brought smiles to a lot of faces, by fulfilling the dream of having a baby for childless couples or simply through its dental care services, backed by latest technologies. The Centre boasts of an impressive roster of consultant doctors, who specialise in respective fields and provide the best care at affordable rates, backed by the latest equipment and technical knowhow.

The specialty medical centre, which is equipped with three operation theatres, provides comprehensive services, balancing between conservative treatment modules and day care surgery facilities. AMC-Southern Avenue provides the best-in-its-class medical services, backed by precision instruments and supported by a well-trained troop of medical and paramedical staff. The Centre primarily aims to provide premium quality features at affordable rates to residents of not just Kolkata but also the rest of Eastern and North Eastern India.

AMC-Southern Avenue aims to provide people service with a smile that brings smile to visitors. The Centre offers need-based priority appointment of renowned senior consultants from across medical disciplines and also priority admission to units under the banner of AMRI Hospitals, the best hospital in eastern India. For world-class dentistry, ultra-modern Ophthalmology diagnosis and treatment, high-tech Infertility (IVF) services, Preventive Health Check-up packages, fully equipped ENT services and OPD facilities.

The Centre is also engaged in spreading awareness about the medical disciplines it is involved with by organising a number of awareness campaigns and Continued Medical Education sessions so that both the populace and AMC’s Consultant doctors can keep themselves updated on the latest achievements and innovations from the world of modern medicine.