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At AMRI Hospitals, we understand that travelling abroad for medical treatment may appear to be a ‘far from hassle-free’ proposition for many. Costs, comfort and convenience are factors that play a massive role in patient care and outcomes. At AMRI Hospitals we have always practiced a patient first approach and patient satisfaction is paramount for us at all times.

The International team at AMRI Hospitals is committed to meet all the individual needs of the visiting patients by facilitating at each step of their medical trip. AMRI Hospitals, not only ensures that patients from abroad feel at home and at ease during their period of stay, but also head back safely to their homes in the best of health and with a lot of memories made.

Plan your trip to AMRI Hospital

The AMRI International Patient Services team ensures an organized and harmonious trip for the patients visiting from abroad. They provide all the necessary assistance with regards to planning and preparing the entire travel itinerary. From ensuring the right doctor appointments, to meeting the cultural needs of the patients to providing specialist menus, translation services, transport services and accommodation, we try to cater to all possible needs. The objective is to provide the visiting patients with the best medical experience ever.

Our Services

  • Medical Consultations
  • Appointment bookings
  • Assistance on admission and discharge
  • Financial counselling and cost estimation
  • Flight arrangements, Accommodation (Hotel and Guest houses)
  • Providing invitation Letter for Visa
  • Local Transport / Airport transfer services
  • Visitor information
  • Concierge services
  • Interpretation assistance
  • Money exchange
  • Medical tourism

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