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AMRI Hospitals ltd is one of the leading super speciality hospitals in Kolkata. With 1000 beds, over 500 doctors, and 10,000 surgeries successfully carried out every year, AMRI today certainly belongs to a class of its own. It has made massive contributions in the life of patients and the healthcare sector over the years by operating out of four super specialty tertiary units – Dhakuria, Salt Lake, Mukundapur, and Bhubaneswar, and one modern day care facility – at Southern Avenue.

The AMRI group stands as an epitome of healthcare excellence backed by an influx of the finest technologies, doctors, nurses, technicians, and staff. Despite of the hospitals being at the helm of affairs, providing complete patient-satisfaction and value for money spent continues to be of paramount importance to them. With a slew of new investments and under a vibrant new board of Directors, guided by the dynamic Group CEO, Mr. Rupak Barua, AMRI Group is all set to implement sweeping changes to head for a super-fast track of growth.

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Therapeutic and Intensive Care Facilities in a One-Stop Medical Center


In early 1990s the Government of West Bengal handed over the charge of 'Niramoy' - a Government owned Polyclinic at Dhakuria, to Mr. Shravan Todi of Shrachi Group. He inducted Emami and another promoter , to build Advanced Medicare & Research Institute Ltd., a super specialty hospital with sizeable investment to offer quality healthcare. The name was finally changed to AMRI Hospitals Limited in 2009. The most visible value that the Emami Group brought to the institution was a spirit of passionate entrepreneurship.

With growing citizen awareness there emerged a greater need for superior health care in eastern India. The Emami Group was also ready to commission new space, enter new specialty segments, attract global ex-Kolkata doctors and position themselves as the premier health care service provider in Eastern India. The Emami Group would leverage its irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit to extend the benefits of affordable health care to thousands.

The growth was not just about doing things a little better than competition; it was about the introduction of a transformative experience through the induction of the best competencies, equipment, facilities and technology for the first time to Eastern India. The growth was historically significant as it corporatized private healthcare for the first time in Eastern India.



Be cherished as the best place to come for care and the best place to work.



To provide healthcare services maintaining accountability in a responsible manner which contribute to the physical, psychological




To provide healthcare services maintaining accountability in a responsible manner which contribute to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being of the patients and community, which we serve.

To participate in the creation of healthier lives within the community conforming to the requirements of our patients and customers round the clock and constantly measuring and striving to improve the outcomes of our care and service.

To create and sustain a work environment in which all participants are empowered and committed to continual quality improvements; confirming the values of participation, acknowledgement, accountability, teamwork, integrity and respect.

Create the national model of care through relentless pursuit of unparalleled quality & value to the entire satisfaction of patient, customer and staff.

To carry on educational and research activities related to the provision of care to the sick and injured or related to the promotion of health and continually rethink, reshape and redefine solutions to healthcare challenges.

Quality Policy

We at AMRI are committed to provide quality health care to our beneficiaries. We shall achieve this by:



Quality Policy

We at AMRI are committed to provide quality health care to our beneficiaries. We shall achieve this by:

Identifying and meeting their needs and expectation. Complying with the benchmark of national and global level of practices through continual development, improvement and training.

Remaining committed to ensure that a transparent quality system, as per the requirement of accreditation authority and appropriate to the purpose of the organization is understood and implemented at all levels.

CEO's Speak

We are happy to announce that AMRI Hospitals, one of the most trusted name in healthcare is back on its growth track again. We are in the process of introducing sweeping changes to infuse new vigour into the Group. AMRI today ensures better goalposts, improved trust, clarity of vision and faster business and strategic decisions. In keeping with the Group's ethos of providing best quality services at competitive rates, AMRI Hospitals today is managed by professionals of a high order.

We have started business process re-engineering with the focus on the group concept rather than individual unit concept. Now each unit has to follow the group SOPs, which are being chalked out keeping patient safety and quality in mind. HR Department is focusing more on talent acquisition and management.

We are in the phase of consolidation and stabilization of our existing projects. We have started our 400 bed Bhubaneswar unit in Orissa, located on the Khandagiri bypass to fill the void of super specialty highly advanced healthcare facility in the State of Odisha. Our Dhakuria unit has also started operation. Our Mukundapur Unit which initially began as Women and Children hospital, is now functioning as tertiary care. We have an ambitious plan of investing Rs. 1,000 crore in the next five years. We are striding ahead to break new grounds and position AMRI Group as one of the fastest growing healthcare players of eastern India.

I wish you all health and happiness.

Rupak Barua
Group CEO